All Those Touch-Screens

All Those Touch-Screens: iPhone Envy?Are the similarities a coincidence, or are cell-phone makers trying to steal the limelight from Apple's wonder phone? Here's how the pretenders stack up.By Bruce Meyerson
Though it's an oversimplification to view every new cell phone hitting the market as a response to the Apple AAPL iPhone, there sure do seem to be a whole lot of handsets with touch screens out there all of a sudden. Heck, there's even a new device named Touch. Already a hot seller overseas, that HTC phone also happens to be the one new handset that delivers many of the iPhone's bells and whistles (one omission is Wi-Fi, but Touch compensates with a speedier cellular Internet connection). And as with Touch, there's another common theme among this year's holiday crop of spotlight phones: short, too-cool-for-school names like Voyager, Shadow, Tilt, Venus, and Juke. Check out our profiles of 10 additions to the post-iPhone world, including the latest Sidekicks and a new Palm.

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